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Cybersecurity SolutionsFor SMBs, Non-Profits and Education Establishments

It’s all over the press, it’s all in your emails and social media feeds and it’s not just targeting ‘big business’ – many small businesses, non-profits and education establishments are affected daily with some form of cyber threat.

From ransomware, to malware, to data loss, the threat landscape keeps increasing. It’s not just the external threat of individual hackers or organisations, but also the ever increasing internal threat.

Working with several leading cybersecurity organisations, I can help. From advice to solutions, I will help ensure you have a cybersecurity plan, protection and importantly a way to recover.

It’s not just about Anti-Virus, you need to consider how to protect and recover everything – even mobile devices!



Remember the phrase “I’m a lover not a fighter”, well I’ve coined a new one “I’m a protector not a hacker”.

Times are changing, cyber threats continue to increase and more companies are looking for deeper threat intelligence and adaptive security solutions.

Protection at all layers and beyond – almost akin to protecting yourself from the nextwave of threats, attacks and breaches.

Over the past 1/4 of a century, I have worked with & provided solutions to protect businesses, people, applications, devices and data from some the following companies. There’s plenty more solutions out there, this is just the tip of the ‘protection’ iceberg


To real off a list of names is easy and it helps to provide a level of comfort sometimes, but these are not “the be all and end all”. Every requirement is unique and each organisation has its own requirements.

A small selection of companies / solutions that can support you and your organisation include:

⊕ Ransomware

Next-generation firewalls effectively prevent ransomware with a layered approach on top of cloud-based Threat Protection services.

⊕ Encrypted Threats

The malicious use of encryption is soaring. Safeguard your network from encrypted threats with Deep Packet Inspection of TLS, SSL and SSH traffic.

⊕ Email Threats

Email Security protects you from advanced email-borne threats including ransomware, spear phishing and business email compromise.

⊕ Wireless & Mobile Access

Detect and prevent hidden threats and advanced zero-day attacks across wireless and mobile networks.

Identity & Access Management
Endpoint Protection
Endpoint Protection
Secure Email Service
Secure Email Service
Cloud Security
Cloud Security
Data Protection
Data Protection
Mobile Device Management
Mobile Device Management
Application Protection
Application Protection
Analytics (SIEM)
Analytics (SIEM)

Core Values


Partnering for growth is critical in today’s business landscape. I believe in creating a partnership with you for the future, not just for the now.


A core foundation to my being. Being honest and open is critical in business to earn and maintain trust, remember it work’s both ways.


I will challenge you and your decisions, right or wrong, and with good reason to help confirm and define your strategy.


There will always be a similar processes & requirements across business, but rest assured, I will not share your details / strategy with anyone else.

A True Helping Hand

This is a passion, not a job. I will genuinely go out of my way to help you and if I can’t, I will find others than can.


Helping others is core to my foundation. 10% of Gross-Profits will be donated to local and national charities.

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