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NOT “just another recruiter”. In fact it’s not even my day job nor has it ever been. Possibly not the best ‘pitch’ to start off with, but let’s be open here.

How many times have you, as a candidate, spoken to a recruiter about the ‘perfect role’ and then watch the tumbleweeds roll on by.

How many times have you, as an employer, engaged with a recruiter and possibly missed out on strong candidates, or feel like you do most of the work?

Me – I’m a little different. I actually ‘give a sh1t’ !

Sorry, but after a quarter of a century in the IT industry and speaking to many recruiters, there are a handful that actually deliver and support both parties. That actually work with candidates and employers with both interests at heart. Aiming for the ultimate win-win relationship.



Flexible. Recruitment. Really??

How about this as a starting block, for employers I work on a fee upon acceptance basis. No monthly contracts, retainers etc, simply an agreement in principle and also “no exclusivity”.

It’s challenging enough trying to find your next team member, so why add in further restrictions.



People are personal, so be personal.

This isn’t a chore, a routine or a process. Well okay, there is a process behind this, but you should be treated and respect as an individual, who is also making a major decision, even life-changing at times.

No ghosting, no bullsh1t, let’s be open, frank and honest – otherwise this gets us nowhere.

I’ll work with you to the best of my ability, to help set / create expectations and aside from roles that may be listed with me, I’ll also try and find others that may be a fit.

Who / How
can I help?

There are no plans to step outside of IT, but I also understand a limitation of technical knowledge and therefore, I can’t help with deep technical requirements.

I can help if you are or you are looking for;

⊕ Operations Directors / Managers
⊕ Customer Success Managers
⊕ Marketing Managers
⊕ Sales Directors / Managers
⊕ Sales Executives (in all their various guises and titles)
⊕ Business Development Managers
⊕ Channel Sales Managers
⊕ Channel Account Managers


Core Values


Partnering for growth is critical in today’s business landscape. I believe in creating a partnership with you for the future, not just for the now.


A core foundation to my being. Being honest and open is critical in business to earn and maintain trust, remember it work’s both ways.


I will challenge you and your decisions, right or wrong, and with good reason to help confirm and define your strategy.


There will always be a similar processes & requirements across business, but rest assured, I will not share your details / strategy with anyone else.

A True Helping Hand

This is a passion, not a job. I will genuinely go out of my way to help you and if I can’t, I will find others than can.


Helping others is core to my foundation. 10% of Gross-Profits will be donated to local and national charities.

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